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“Come Down” by Noah Kahan

Talented indie pop singer/songwriter Noah Kahan delivers a unique and refreshing topic with his latest must listen gem, “Come Down”. He takes a different route from most and instead of talking about love, heartbreak, and the other popular topics, he speaks of creating a new friendship and how certain experiences can help them grow. With the latest acoustic version, we manage to embrace it even more as it feels more vulnerable and easy to connect with. It’s his voice and his guitar setting up a soothing and honest soundscape that reminds us of those moments in which friendships were truly tested and when you found out who deserve to be called a friend. He is truly showing us all that he is bound to become one of the most loved and known names in the music scene for he speaks to us not just as fans but as people. So stay quiet, keep calm and simply listen as all the verses and melodies unfold creating a home for you and your senses. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Noah Kahan”]’Come Down’ is about an experience I had helping a new friend through a moment of intense anxiety. I didn’t know this person well, and we were isolated for some time together, which made for a revealing and very human experience.”[/su_quote]

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