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“Don’t drink the water” by M. Rivers

If you want a great blend of old school and new school rock then look no further for M. Rivers is here and he has the right dose for you. With his latest single “Don’t drink the water” we are provided with a refreshing and powerful message that invites us to take a step outside the simplicity of things. He reminds us all that we are unique and different and that one mold does not fit us all. We must challenge ourselves and the information given, we are not sheep who willingly have to accept everything said as correct. It is right to ask questions and want answers and to take our own road in life. The track can also be labeled as a modern day rock anthem for the people for it inspires and pushes us to do more. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”M. Rivers”]The idea behind, ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ is to challenge us to think for ourselves and the information we are given in regards to our livelihood and well-being of others and our planet,[/su_quote]

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