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“Wine” by Sam Setton

Sam Setton once more explores the wide world of relationships and heartbreak in a way that is honest and in touch with reality with “Wine”. The talented singer/songwriter draws experience from his life and allows us to see a reflection of ourselves in one way or another. Humans have a tendency at times of having a hard time letting and accepting the fact that it is time to take a different road. He knows this and accepts this flaw in him in a way that is brilliantly poetic and so raw as it touches and understands his own emotions. He creates a story and soundscape that can easily get a hold of you and make you feel understood and pushed to be more and do better. So enter his realm and enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Sam Setton”]I wrote ‘Wine” about my stressful relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Our love and dependency on each other was so intense, that after our fights we would turn to drinking and substances to ease the tension and delay confrontation. Often times the lines between love and hate, drunk and sober, became blurred. This song channels my frustration and conflict about the relationship as at points in the song I say she’s my soulmate and at other’s, I say that I won’t even miss her if we end things.. even if it’s just to get a rise out of her. ‘Wine’ is a confrontational song, but writing it allowed me to grow and learn from the relationship.[/su_quote]

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