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“Big City Love” by Samuel Jack

UK based indie singer/songwriter Samuel Jack continues to amaze the world and this time he does so with his single “Big City Love”. The talented artist embraces the beauty and the magic of the cities he has explores and draws inspiration from them to create an everlasting soundscape. He reminds us that not only can you fall in love with people, but cities also have that sweet capacity of making us feel at ease and in love. Each place has something special and something so uniquely theirs that simply grabs you and makes you smile. For me, the cities that do this are New York, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Lima (but in the end every place has something sweet). Listebm enjoy and go out and explore your city and remind yourself why it is your home.

[su_quote cite=”Samuel Jack”]Big City Love is a love letter to the city! It’s about leaving your troubles behind and chasing your dreams. I’ve spent my life in and out of cities – they’re uniquely different, and from where I live, the depths of the countryside in a Caravan, I find myself inspired and invigorated by how alive everything feels, I just love the romance of it all, the bright lights, the people chasing their dreams amongst the hustle and bustle. I wrote the song in Los Angeles, my heart fueled with excitement and adventure but in a way, it’s about all the cities that I’ve immersed myself in, a melting pot of memories, aspirations and potential.[/su_quote]

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