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[su_quote]I wrote this song to help me break free from someone like this, recognizing that I was enabling a vicious cycle and I wasn’t going to let that person have power over me anymore.[/su_quote]


Indie singer/songwriter JOUR explores the many aspects of life, love, relationships and more to create enticing and mesmerizing soundscapes. She steps away from the norm in both lyrics and melodies allowing her own view of life to be seen, heard and felt. The talented songstress comes to the music scene and to pop as a breath of fresh air for she is a rebel with a cause and passion for her craft. Honestly, I welcome her unique view and her approach to setting up stories that are so personal to her yet so universal and inviting allowing us to be haunted by them. So enter two distinct and powerful worlds in the verses of “Black Hole” and “American Nightmare”. Enjoy!

[su_quote]I originally wrote this song several years ago about blindly following the ‘American Dream’ of getting a job, moving to the suburbs, getting married, having kids, etc. I felt at the time that my life was flying in the face of conventionality when I quit my 9-5 finance job to pursue art and music and everyone was cautioning me about taking such a huge risk, when for me the biggest nightmare and risk would be to have that version of the American Dream.[/su_quote]

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