“Lose you too” by SHY Martin

Swedish singer/songwriter and all around musical force of nature SHY Martin continues to awe and amaze the indie music scene with passion and talent. The young artist opens up her heart and allows us to explore the bittersweet verses and melodies of her latest single “Lose you too”. In this honest and heartfelt gem, we caress the most beautiful of human emotions and what happens when it ends. She shows a heart breaking and a person wondering where it all went wrong, but also understands that is not all as one-sided as we always make it seem. Relationships are a joint effort and while one may begin the falling apart, it needs the other to no longer be two as one but once more individuals who feel and walk in separate directions. This is a beautiful showcase of emotions that is sure to land home once heard. Enjoy!

*Bonus: An amazing video she did to show her fans how thankful she is for their support.

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