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“Considering both sides” by Oli Hannaford ft Marna

World be ready for one of the most amazing and exciting collaborations to date, Oli Hannaford and Marna join forces and deliver something amazing. The talented pair takes heartbreak and from it create a track that shows maturity, moving forward and it is beautifully titled “Considering both sides”. The lyrics embrace the reality of the moment but also manage to find that resentment does not allow for growth and moving on, while acceptance and honesty does. It takes the reality that there are always two sides to an argument, whether we like it or not and uses the heartache as a lesson that will surely see both sides be happy where they are truly meant to be. It is a unique and beautiful take on the saddening experience of heartbreak and really serves as an honest invitation to take the high road. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Oli Hannaford”]Considering Both Sides’ is an emotional account of the acceptance of being mistreated, but realising that to hate is the wrong thing to do and instead step back and try to be friends. It’s a song that’s very close to my heart, with some of my previous tracks, like The Crown, deeper meanings were masked by quite buoyant production but there’s nothing hidden here. I’ve known Marna for about a year now and I wanted her on the track because, well obviously she has a gorgeous voice, but also exactly the kind of voice that could tell the other side of the story I was trying to get across in the track.[/su_quote]

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