[su_quote cite=”Samia”]I was dealing with an eating disorder while my grandmother/family’s matriarch was dying. I was so mad at myself; it felt hypocritical to be encouraging someone else to fight for her life while I was willfully taking years off of my own. A lot of people have eating disorders and everybody’s grandparents die so I didn’t feel entitled to the deep sadness I felt. I do now! In the video, I’m really attached to these balloons which sort of represent the part of my identity that was emaciated and dealing with loss. The simplicity of the video reflects my grief; there was something comfortably uncomplicated about being totally sad.[/su_quote]


Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Samia embraces the honesty and maturity of her soul and delivers a song that rings in touch with reality. “Milk” is a beautifully bittersweet reflection of life and the balance of good, band and beyond in a way that speaks to our hearts. She takes a period in her life in which a battle was ongoing not only with her family but within her very self. It personally is not hard to understand her, for we are all human and we are all frail and capable of falling and the visuals show this very human experience in a way that is mesmerizing to all the senses. So enter the soundscape created by her verses and her melodies and allow yourself to be true and be you in all your splendor. Enjoy!

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