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“Dark Place” by Youngblood

Canadian indie band Youngblood has quickly become a wolf favorite and their latest single “Dark Place” is sure to make a fan out of you as well. The track is simply exquisite and dark, but just the right amount so that it is relatable and gratifying to the senses. They explore each and every verse uniting them with the right melodies creation an intoxicating soundscape that is sure to thrill you. They take a unique an unexplored route to remind us that at times things need to break and fall apart so that we may grow, get back up and see the value in all that surrounds us. It’s fierce yet sweet kick in the butt that opens up our eyes to all that dwells in us and around us. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Alexis Young, Youngblood”]’Dark Place’ speaks to the masochistic tendency of repeatedly making the same mistake and not understanding the compromising effects of that until it’s too late. Sometimes you really need to have something completely fall apart and be destroyed before you are able to fully understand its value. It is the thrilling allure of pressing the self-sabotage button and watching what unfolds before you.[/su_quote]

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