“The Power Shift” by Greg Holden

Indie pop singer/songwriter Greg Holden brings something unique and rarely seen in the pop genre with his latest single “The Power Shift”. He decides to change the dynamic of the conversation in the genre and steers away from the glitz and the glamour and instead decides to look at something more real and close to home. With his latest single he provides us with an interesting opportunity to listen to something more in touch with reality and hopefully be inspired by it. He speaks to us of the world around us today and understand our frustration as things seem to get worse daily. But in his song, there is no defeat, but instead, he invites all to rise up and speak up and create a shift in how things are taking place.

How about we stop with the selfies, the stupid challenges, raising money for people already rich and take a look at what really matters and for once we use our brains and our voices for something it is capable off. This is a genuine invitation to be better, to do better because there lies a unique possibility for greatness. Listen to this gem, be inspired by it and enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Greg Holden”]I was trying to manifest a collective call on the, for lack of a better word, bullshit. I think it’s important that when someone is lying to you, you call them out,” says Holden, who often uses his inherently rebellious spirit to push back against the status quo. “I was getting tired of screaming into the social media echo chamber and really wanted to put my frustrations into a song that wasn’t so toxic. I’m under no illusion that this is just a song, but it’s better than a tweet,[/su_quote]

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