“Diary” by Ro

Melbourne based indie singer/songwriter Ro delivers an amazing and masterfully crafted must listen track in her latest “Diary”. She caresses perfection with her voice and is able to tell a story perfectly uniting the melodies and the lyrics creating something special. She speaks of a sort of hack that would make life easier, allowing those that arrive in your life to be able to read something and understand you immediately. It would be nice for things to be like that, but the reality is harsher and much more fun as you get to be discovered and discover others as well. The song serves a certain refreshing soundscape that possesses a sweet old-school charm that makes it be something to share with all. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Ro”]The chorus has a bit of irony, because I don’t actually recommend giving your diary to your loved ones. It’s just, one can get exasperated when it’s hard to find the right words to say. The point is, you’re trying… But hey, also, wouldn’t it be awesome to just hand your diary over to someone and get the ‘this is me’ part over and done with? Maybe it’s a shitty life hack, but it’s a life hack nonetheless.[/su_quote]

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