“All the Time” by The Kooks

By now you should now that The Kooks are my number One band and the fact that they just released two new singles with “All the time” and “No pressure” makes me one really excited wolf. The release of these gems means the future release of an exquisite showcase of passion, music, and talent that will be their upcoming album ‘Let’s go sunshine’. The guys continue their musical evolution but also manage to stay true to their core and the soul of their music thus inviting new listeners and not alienating the first ones. Luke Pritchard continues to lead the way with his voice and his evolution as a songwriter is one that keeps you mesmerized and really intrigued in regards to what comes next for the band. The two tracks released are unique in their own accord and create different soundscapes from which we can enter two separate stories. One speaks of love and the other of life and they are both equally inviting. So whether you are a fan or you’ll become one these two are great to get you on board for what’s coming. Enjoy!

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