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North Carolina natives Flagship have quickly become one of my favorite indie rock acts out there and it doesn’t hurt that they are signed with the label that houses one of my top 4 bands, MONA. The guys have something about the way they approach music with a passion, artistry and maturity that is simply irresistible, refreshing and powerful when heard and seen. They clearly posses that special “it” in their DNA and they have a will to push forward and do so with a clear and concise mindset. They are able to create music that possesses a certain classic charm in the rock genre and also manage to embrace the nature of the current times delivering soundscapes and stories that speak to us all no matter what age we have.

Here in this post you can hear their magic with two must listen tracks: “Philadelphia Babe” and “The Ladder”. They are going to be part of their upcoming EP, The Ladder, out this April via Bright Antenna Records. So without getting myself immersed in words we can agree that with one listen of their music and we are putty in their hands and we are brothers and sisters in patience as we eagerly wait for this EP to come out.

So dive into the verses, the melodies and the beauty of all of it combined and enjoy this must listen combo that this must listen band has created.

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