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“Wolf” by Sabiyha

UK based indie singer/songwriter Sabiyha delivers a marvelous tale of solitude, growth and the transition from kid to adult with her latest single “Wolf”. This amazing artist paints a picture with verses and melodies that transpire the realm of the mundane and allow our imagination to be free. It pictures her as a wolf who has lost her pack and must venture into the wild alone and without that support. She lives the adventure of life as she seeks the moon, once she gets there… she and many more break it free and once again she is home. This time though time and experiences have cemented themselves on her existence and those who called her child will no longer say that. She is now stronger than before and more mature in her view of life. The song is a poetic and mesmerizing way of speaking of how we must all grow and seek out what the world has to offer and finally grow. Personally the song is complete perfection and easy to enjoy for it is made with love, passion and delivers a relatable tale.

[su_quote cite=”Sabiyha”]The song tells the story of a young female wolf and the moon. The moon falls from the sky and the wolf is left in darkness, losing her pack and being forced to survive the dark by herself. The stars ask the wolf to help find the moon, and in return they offer her the howl of a thousand wolves. The wolf sets off following the scent of the moon and the sound of its lullaby, eventually finding the moon stuck under a frozen lake. With the howl of a thousand wolves she breaks the ice and sets the moon free, returning to her pack who once called her child.[/su_quote]

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