“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius


Indie singer/songwriter MACK delivers another track that definitely enters my one of the best of year realm with “Underprivileged Pleasure”. Plus the music video for this sonic masterpiece is equally haunting and mesmerizing as it adds to the magic of the soundscape it creates. The track is without a doubt perfectly balance and refreshing in the melodies, the lyrics and the way she takes control of her voice and pulls us into her world. We enter a unknown realm where she creates and unfolds every verse and every note right in front of us providing a feast for our senses. The video takes a “one take” approach that is paused in the right moments to provide transitions and changes that enhance the experience. There’s something here that makes us feel alive and so full of energy as if simply by pressing play we were injected with pure caffeine. So listen, enjoy and let the electric nature of this gem fill you up.

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