“…And I can’t help but think that this story is too big for me

But carefully i try to write it

Like the water can be so unpredictable

But some how we still want to ride it…”


Talented indie singer/songwriter who simply goes by the initials of S.R. delivers his latest blend of visuals and sounds with his music video for “Slowly”. The artist takes melodies, lyrics and blends them together while adding unique touches to this indie pop ballad of self discovery and growth. He takes his story and manages to connect it with ours as we can see, hear and feel the beauty and magic that lies in it. The song is one that embraces the ins and outs of humanity as it understand that growing takes falling down and picking ourselves up. The visuals showcases the emotions and feelings of the lyrics thought a carefully created choreography that is just exquisite and mesmerizing. There’s no going wrong with this song as you are bound to feel your heart fall in awe of this must listen/must see gem. Enjoy!

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