“Making this track was such a crazy experience, working with the guys at SONIK,” enthused Bradley Stone. “It’s very different from the music that we usually both make, so it took some time for us to relax and see what came out. I’m keen to create something with the SONIK boys again soon!”

Bradley Stone ft. Sonik

Australian singer/songwriter Bradley Stone joins forces with Sonik Studios and together they deliver a romantic gem for the modern masses. They bring a unique sensibility that is in touch with the fantasy of love and the reality of it creating a duality that is refreshing to hear. “Fly to you” is one of those songs that comes from the heart of the songwriter and lands with ease in the hearts of the listeners. It has something about it that turns it into an immediate gem that romantics around the globe will want to share or dedicate as soon as they are done listening to it. While the music video approach may seen simplistic to some, it actually goes hand in hand beautifully with the story within the verses as the voice in the song does not mention flying already but that it will be do so soon. It is the moment before the body does what the heart wants and goes to the person who cause all these wonderful emotions. It is a haunting showcase of an artist who allowed us into his world and told us a story we could connect with. So listen, see and enjoy this amazing gem.

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