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“We Choose” by HER

Indie pop french band HER brings to us a beautiful, mesmerizing and most wonderful track with their latest single “We Choose”. The guys immediately pull us into their verses an melodies and fill us up with a certain warmth and soothing aura that is refreshing, welcomed and even necessary. It is a gentle and honest reminder that our lives are in our hands and we are those who choose what path we take and how we handle falling down and getting back up. They caress us through the lyrics and give us comfort through the sounds as our senses, our bodies and our souls are revitalize by the magic of this gem. It is honestly a must listen simply based on the emotions and experiences it is capable of grasping, but it stands out thanks to the quality, the passion and the truth that dwells inside the creation of it. So listen, relax, enjoy and go back out there into the world and remind yourself that the path you are in was chosen by you and if you wish for change then you have it in your hands.

[su_quote cite=”Victor Solf of HER”]‘We Choose’ was the first Her song we wrote after our previous band ended. We wrote it overnight. It was a statement about why we were continuing and about this strong faith we had into our music because we couldn’t do anything else. It’s the song with which we were opening all of our live shows for the past 18 months, and it felt like the right moment to release it now—as a reason why Herneeds to pursue this quest for hope and life.[/su_quote]

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