‘I wanted 21st Century to be like a wake up call. All my friends and me we’re the future of the 21st Century”, cuz that’s the fact. No matter if we decide to do something about the situation in the world or not, we are the future. Will we make it a future we want to live in?’ – Elin Blom of  Felin


Swedish Indie pop duo Elin Blom and Fredrik Etoall aka FELIN bring us their latest music video masterpiece with the special visuals for their song “21st Century”. The talented pair deliver an electric, haunting and insightful combination of lyrics, melodies and imagery that makes it one to remember. The track speaks to all who were called or are called the future as it serves as a wake up call if you are still “sleeping” and as a jolt of energy if you are “awake”. The track is also critical of certain cultural necessities that seem to have risen in the past decade or so, the need to be validated by strangers and people you barely know with likes, comments, thumbs up and so many other ways that have given rise to those who make their lives be solely about that. It is honest in its approach and thus refreshing and most welcomed for it speaks to us as equals and understand that we all need to do something more than whatever we are doing now. It invites for a push in our paths and to set our souls on fire once more to really do something. So listen, see and of course enjoy the masterful and beautiful combination of melodies, lyrics and video work that will wake you up from your slumber.

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