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“Two Fingers” by Dan Caplen

UK based singer/songwriter Dan Caplen delivers an honest and raw pop/RnB/Soul blend that checks off all the boxes for a music lover. “Two fingers” is powerful and truly mesmerizing in its bittersweet nature as it unfolds a story of love, heartache, trust, lies and much more. Honestly the verses and tunes serve themselves up perfectly for what could be a music video for the ages …or even if they play around with it, a short film. He allows his lyrics to speak clearly and candidly as he shares each sentence and we are hypnotize by the way it paints a picture that we can see, feel, breath and even live. Dan shows the world that he is an artist that is mean to stay and serve music lovers around the globe with nice servings of must listen musical creations that are sure to please. Listen and enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Dan Caplen”]Two Fingers is about relationships in a big city… Temptation to stray is as easy as a swipe right on your phone, but I still believe that love overrules…[/su_quote]

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