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[su_quote cite=”Violet Skies about inspiration”]I write a lot on planes and trains. That feeling of travel always inspires me. I always write better abroad too, or feel more inspired by travelling.[/su_quote]

Talented UK based singer/songwriter Violet Skies delivers a mesmerizing and beautiful acoustic rendition of her track “Eyes”. It has something about the voice and the instrument simply flowing together that makes this take so touching and honestly makes you drop a tear or two (I won’t deny nor admit if I did so don’t ask). So just close your eyes and let Violet’s voice caress your soul and envelop you in a soundscape that is otherworldly and magical. Enjoy!


What inspired the lyrics of Eyes?

I always want to solve my friend’s/loved ones problems but sometimes you can’t, in this case, I imagined instead being their eyes and crying for them, so they wouldn’t have to feel the pain themselves. Melodramatic right? (I

When creating a song, how does it all begin? first lyrics? melody?

It changes. I write a lot of lyrics all the time, and ideas float around. With this track I had a lot of lyrics in my notes, I wrote them on the plane over to LA, and then fleshed the concept and chords out with David and Sophia, who I wrote it with.

As support grows for you as a musician, I am sure they all hit you in a special, but which one just blew you away? Any quote you would like to share of some positive words said to you

i think the best response is when people cover my songs, or come up to me at shows and talk about the lyrics. Also it still freaks me out a bit but when people cry at shows I’m often like “yep I’m with you my love, that’s how I felt when I wrote it”

Thus far which live show experience would you consider as the wildest or most memorable?

China this year was pretty wild. People turned up to our shows, I didn’t know anyone in Shanghai knew who I was. We also walked the Great Wall of China – total perk of the job.

Is there a place that simply brings you want and need to write a song? if so, why do you think that is?

I write a lot on planes and trains. That feeling of travel always inspires me. I always write better abroad too, or feel more inspired by traveling.

Best spot you’ve discovered to find some great treasures of music?

I love blogs, but my friends’ playlists are always full of amazing new finds. My sister also has AMAZING taste in music, she introduces me to a lot.

How would you rate your 2017 as a musician? 2018 – any plans we can know about?

2017 was hands down the best year of my life/career. 2018 is looking sick, I’m excited about the things that have been added to my diary already, some more international shows to be announced, and new music!

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