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Indie Music Mixtape 23

Artist: LPX

Song: Slide

Why? LPX is a queen, a goddess, a force of inexplicable passion and talent that just delivers track after track that hit you right in the heart and her latest gem “Slide” does not falter. The track is powerful, honest and speaks from experiences that we can connect with …if you can’t connect then lucky you, but if you do you’ll know embrace her rebel yell and sing along with her as this masterpiece unfolds and the soundscape embraces you. 

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Artist: Amorph

Song: Vostok

Why? Indie rock melodies and sounds that traverse through the airwaves landing right in front of us and connecting us to the mesmerizing visuals showcase in the music video. This talented band from Switzerland knows how to hit the spot and this track is honestly a firm and passionate way to land on Wolf in a Suit for the first time. Enjoy!

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Artist: Hamster ft. Sammy Listoe

Song: Born Loser

Why? This track is fire, electricity and just perfection in the way both talented individuals connect with each other creating something so special and refreshing. This song honestly is one of those special ones that balances the arrangements created by Hamster and that rock-perfect voice of Sammy Listoe creating a gem that feels so rock but also so open to any music lover.

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Artist: Violetta Zironi

Song: Don’t make me a fool

Why? Talented Italian songstress Violetta Zironi creates a soundscape that delivers a story so honest, so beautiful and so real as lyrics and melodies unite becoming one magnificent creation. Her voice is exquisite and flows like silk through each note, connecting each part as the song unfolds and we are simply pulled in by the beauty and magic of it. 

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Artist: The Jacks

Song: She’s a mystery

Why? Old school and everlasting melodies that simply embrace the fire that resides in that amazing voice as it connects perfectly with the instruments creating a monster of music. Plus the music video is in my favorite style, where the band are given the center stage and allowed to shine and showcase how the melodies and lyrics connect with them as they jam to it in a pseudo-live setting. Honestly just electric and one of a kind. Enjoy!

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Artist: NYT Foxes

Song: Giants

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Ben Lovas (NYT Foxes) delivers indie pop melodies that deliver a most welcomed blend of 80’s synthesizer filled sounds along with some modern contemporary touches that create an electric and inspiring song with “Giants”. The track simply hits us and fills us with passion, energy, fire and pushes us to be giants out in the world and to really showcase all we are capable of. Enjoy!

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Artist: John Kutay

Song: Yes or No

Why? Singer/songwriter John Kutay delivers a certain blend of classic charming sounds and modern love stories that sits just right as our senses accept the beauty and grace of it. The track has something about it that could invite two that find themselves in limbo as love seems to not show itself yet to just dance and maybe at the end a yes or no could arrive. 

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Artist: Mushy Callahan

Song: Deep Meadow

Why? Indie rock from Canada that sets melodies and verses on fire and delivers something refreshingly unique and even necessary in the music scene. The band showcase an amazing and inviting feel in the way the song unfolds and you can’t help but want to sing along and maybe even grab your air guitar and imagine yourself playing with them (I am not saying I did, but I am also not denying it). Enjoy!

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Artist: Noah Kahan (Matoma Remix)

Song: Hurt Somebody

Why? Amazing vocals served perfectly by Noah Kahan and Matoma takes the original beauty and adds his own spin to it in this must listen remix. The track is strangely uplifting and inspiring as it carries lyrics that ring true and speak from the heart of someone who understands and has lived the lyrics. The track is honestly a must add in any playlists and you definitely should like right now.

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Artist: James Blonde

Song: Not this time

Why? Canadian indie rock band James Blonde delivers a haunting and mesmerizing soundscape with the combination of music and visuals in their latest music video for their gem “Not this time”. The guys have created something so smooth and also so powerful and magical that you just have to hear it over and over again. Honestly the track is just so good and the music video is not bad at all, listen and enjoy this masterpiece.

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