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“Cannonball” by Tom Dice

Belgian singer/songwriter Tom Dice delivers his latest single “Cannonball” and it already shows signs of becoming an anthem for the people to stand tall with. The track has verses and melodies that deliver a certain sense of hope and a passionate mix of sentences that invites the listener to rise up and never give up. The former Eurovision song contest representative for Belgium showcases a mature and honest take in music that shows a human being in touch with reality and the hardships that come along with life. He speaks to us and lets us know to not give up in the bad moments, but to bulldoze through them like a cannonball and remember our own strengths in times of weakness and when we feel lost. Tom is surely an artist who will become a fan favorite across the globe as his unique style of music and his passionate lyricism are refreshing and much needed. So listen and enjoy!

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