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  • James Blonde: Oh my, this is one electric and utterly magnificent indie pop/rock track that delivers youthful lyricism and fun melodies thus uniting into one creating a mouth watering soundscape that showcases the talent, capacity and passion of this indie Canadian band in all its splendor. Enjoy!
  • Basement Bout: Raw and in your face indie rock from Sweden that showcases a dash of punk that is most welcomed and gives the track a push to stand above the rest as it is certainly a song that just grabs you out of nowhere and never lets go filling you up with an energy you did not know you had.
  • Youth: Indie rock song filled with emotions, passion, honesty and a nice dose of relatable lyrics that embrace the path of growing up, maturing and moving on. It also has a certain charm that remind us of the pop/punk bands like Dashboard Confessional and the melancholic and emo-like soundscape that connects with everyone.
  • The Shakers: Catchy, playful and strangely mesmerizing indie rock jam that just catches you by surprise and delivers melodies and verses that make you want to groove and move to the rhythm and fill you with a certain retro vibe that is certainly cool and refreshing to find in music making it a must listen.
  • Marc Scibilia: One of the best singer/songwriters out there in the indie scene, Marc Scibilia released a marvelous and heartfelt must listen gem a few months back. Listen to “Untamed” and regain your life and independence as he did from all that holds you down and limits you for your a star waiting to shoot to the sky. Listen, be inspired and aim as high as you can. Enjoy!
  • Handsome Ghost: Indie pop track that delivers haunting melodies filled with honesty and remorse as it embodies the human mind and soul when we move forward and grow and learn to accept our mistakes and take them for what they are. Growing up comes with maturing and opening your eyes to life. So listen, open your eyes and enjoy!
  • Andy Marsh: Amazing remix that delivers a bittersweet electro-pop ballad that showcases the moment when a relationship is near the breaking point where a goodbye is imminent and necessary to heal. From being loving and warm to not speaking at all and being two strangers on the same bed – can it still be saved? can love’s fire burn once again?
  • EM: Talented indie pop singer/songwriter showcases a range and control over her vocals that is simply mesmerizing and lyrics that embrace an old soul that dwells inside this young talent as she captures and hypnotizes the listeners with verses that speak from the soul and echo as truth once it arrives to us through the airwaves.
  • Jocks: One of the most catchy and fun tracks you’ll hear today, your feet are going to move for sure to this amazing melody. It is one of those special tracks that makes you smile and simply want to take a special someone to the nearest dance floor and dance the night away as your bodies are taken over by the verses, the melodies and the magic of JOCKS.
  • Beth Mendes: Bright young talent delivers a break up ballad for the young and the old connect with ease as she embraces the sentiments and emotions of this moment of growth in life that becomes an experience that though different for all of us it is sadly almost a given. So listen and know that there’s a voice out there who aims to understand human emotions and set them in music.
  • Natti Vogel: Fun indie pop track about not wanting to find the one, the thrill of the chase and the relaxing feel of not having to perfect yourself to meet someones expectations. The track is playful and refreshingly honest, you might agree or not, you might be in that stage or moved one but it is a must listen and electrifying track nonetheless. Enjoy!

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