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“Sapphire” by IOLITE

Ufff IOLITE delivers pure fire, electricity, energy and everything and anything you can find to fill you up and push you on. “Sapphire” is beautifully created and set in motion creating an indie pop track for the ages and to really pull the masses into her world. The track is playful, honest and honestly it’s impossible to find something wrong with it. It showcases her range perfectly and the melodies are just so unique and refreshing that you just can’t avoid to fall for the beauty of it. The verses are inspiring and truthful as they push each second for the listener to aim to be truth to themselves. Listen, enjoy and if you haven’t already make sure to follow this talented young artists.

“One of the most attractive things to me in a person is when they talk about something they love” – IOLITE opens up about the song’s meaning, “Because when they do, every mask they ever put on comes off and they become completely themselves”

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