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“All we’ve got” by Jeryko

Hear the sound, remember the name and add him to your playlists right now. Jeryko makes his phenomenal artistic debut with his track “All we’ve got” and it is one to remember forever. The singer/songwriter embraces his time in the service, his experiences, his life and that all that comes with growing up and created a track that is sure to inspire and pick you up when you are down. You are immediately pulled into a soundscape that is real, honest and takes care of you and creates a home for your senses. It is honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard, and I know I’ve said that a lot lately but I mean it, the tracks have been that good. He takes the singer/songwriter persona and adds a different layer to it giving his music a nice dose of the unknown and that special touch that is bound to make him one to watch. So take your pen and write down his name, because sooner than later it will be in everyone’s mouth. Listen, enjoy and become an instant fan just as I have.

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