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“Mama Don’t Know Better” by Samuel Jack

With a voice blessed by the gods of Music, the talented Samuel Jack shares his latest single and it is a beauty. “Mama don’t know better” is playful, honest and simply so relatable as it creates a story that connects with us. It introduces a moment in life where our mothers might have told us we were wrong and thankfully we pull through. Maybe dropping out from high school, a career choice, who you decided to be with, and many more situations could pop in your mind while listening to it, but in the end you are not angry but happy to prove her wrong because all you wanted was to make her proud with your choice and most likely you did by now. So smile, listen and enjoy and maybe if you dare have fun and sing along. 

[su_quote cite=”Samuel Jack”]A pretty liberating time in my life where I really came to grips with the reality that everybody makes mistakes, even mums and dads you know, and that making mistakes is ok. I felt good writing it, I feel good listening to it, and I hope that’s how it makes people feel.[/su_quote]

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