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  • The Modern Strangers: Amazing indie pop gem that showcases the natural talent to capture and execute melodies that hypnotize with an astounding ease. Enjoy!
  • Snavs ft. King: Snavs sets up the perfect arrangement for music to mesmerize and KING shows the world once again that she is indeed a queen of music and the perfect partner to give life to the verses of this song.
  • Miranda Glory ft. Matty Owens: A collaboration that delivers in every aspect, with dashes of electronica, pop, r&b and some hip-hop to give it more flavor. Truly enjoyable.
  • ISA: I am always in awe when and new talent shows the world that music still has so much to give, ISA is one of those unique talents that gives music hope and a chance to see a special spark. 
  • Lolahiko: One of my favorite indie duos, they are not afraid to explore and push the envelope with their own blend of dark-pop that is so human and bittersweet as it connects with our reality. 
  • Wallace: From New Zealand for the world, with a unique take in music that blends soul, pop and certain afro beats and dare I say some samba flows in there creating a perfectly refreshing indie gem.
  • Q Curius: Refreshing take on the romantic story spinning a mix of electronica, some rap and a bit of rock that gives the voice a spark of the unknown that makes this song pure genius. 
  • Creature Comfort: Can this guys do any wrong? their latest track shows that this Nashville based band is ready to conquer the bigger stages and while they are at it the whole world.
  • AIHVHIA: The gods of music bless us with the eclectic sound of this indie rock band that delivers magic, the ethereal and the unknown in their soundscape allowing us to be transported through time.
  • The Cosmic Coronas: Old school jazzy vibes that blend beautiful wit the indie rock spirit of the band as they deliver a splash of truth to our hearts reminding us how foolish we once where or still are in a way that is strangely welcomed.

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