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“Just a little bit” by The Jacks

Indie rock band The Jacks have something about them, they have rock’n’roll in their veins and it shows in each of their tracks. They have a way about the melodies that flow like silk through the airwaves filling us up with the highest quality of indie rock that blends an old school charm with a modern twist that is invigorating. Their latest gem is simply called “Just a little bit” and after listening to it you’ll be left begging for just a little bit more music, a few more minutes to soak it all in and let it be part of you. Can you feel it in your bones? Has the air you breath become more energy-filled now? If yes then simply thank this amazing talented band from Southern California for giving the world the exact flavor of rock that the music scene needed nowadays. It is both raw and carefully executed and the way the soundscape takes form is hauntingly mesmerizing. So just listen and enjoy!

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