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Click Names of Artists in Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXXVIII for more info on them

  • Men I trust: 80’s infused soothing melodies and tunes that pull us into a world of honest verses and real stories that blend with the beauty and unknown of music.
  • Hot Collars: Playful, fun and surreal with a dash of artistry, honesty and music that has a way of engulfing you in something amazingly cheerful. Enjoy!
  • Anya Marina: With the voice gifted by the gods of music, she empowers her story and her music with an honest showcase of emotions, feelings and lyricism. 
  • Tawls: Unique, refreshing and filled with a child-like spirit that gives it a certain edge above the rest as the mature story of growing up and pushing through takes shape.
  • The Federal Empire (Casualkimono Remix): Indie rock at it’s finest blends with electronica beautifully given more power to the lyrics of this amazing track and ensuring it reaches the masses. 
  • Yoke Lore: Another gem that showcases the reality of the human experience as we sometimes need “goodpain” to learn, grow and become a better version of ourselves as we move forward.
  • Loco Ono: Punk/rock that stays true to the spirit of the genre and pushes an in your face story and melody so perfectly that you just fall for it and love it. 
  • Scott Ruth: Honest and so real as it speaks of love, letting go and the painful moment when you ask, “Are you there?” and there’s no answer from the other end.
  • Saint WKND (Flapo Remix): Two powerhouses unite and create a soundscape that has a capacity of pulling us in from the very firs second, a true must listen gem. Enjoy!
  • Monogem: A track that invites us to explore within ourselves and to find who we truly are as we let it explode into the world ready to be set free. Enjoy!

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