[su_quote cite=”Nathan Presley – Director” url=”http://www.nathanpresley.com/reel/”]I hope the video means different things to different people, for me personally it’s simply about not dealing with issues and trying to escape them with comforts or distractions. I’ve been trying to learn to not mentally “check out” or distract myself when going through hardship, It’s there for a reason and “waiting it out” doesn’t seem to work…if we keep “escaping” we might not ever get back.[/su_quote]

“Stitches” by Mr Little Jeans

From Norway comes the haunting and mesmerizing songstress who is known to the world by a playful name, say hello to Mr Little Jeans (Aka Monica Birkenes). Even though this track has been featured before, it deserved a second showcase due to the marvel that lies in the union of visuals and sounds in this evocative and hypnotizing show of cinematography and music colliding into one. “Stitches” is electropop that has a way of creeping in and staying in the deepest corners of your mind, soul and heart ready to pull you within in any given second. Simply let yourself fall pray to the verses and melodies of her creation and be thankful that you have the chance to listen to greatness arise. Enjoy!

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