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Top 5 New Indie Rock Week 14

1- Veins

Song: Ambi

Why? One of the most talented indie rock trios to have fallen into my lucky ears, they provide us with powerful melodies, enticing verses and a certain magnetism that only a few are luck to have. “Ambi” is a track that allows our feet to tap to a certain electrifying beat while you aimlessly mumble the lyrics as you try to sing along but still you are filled with energy and feel like a rock star as you listen. 

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2- Honey Lotus

Song: Fulcrum

Why? Powerful, provocative and rebellious melodies that flow beautifully through a soundscape of mesmerizing rock that blends an old school charm and a modern care-free chameleonic approach that together ensure the listener an experience unlike anything else. With “Fulcrum” they speak to the heart and souls of many men around the world and aims to provoke as many women as well. 

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3- The Drives

Song: Am I What Your’re Looking For?

Why? There’s something about The Drives, each time they put out a new it always has a hook to captivate the listener. They write for the youth as they mature for they are in that stage and use it masterfully within their music ensuring a connection with the audience that allows them to be part of the story that dwells within the soundscape.

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4- Dead!

Song: Enough, Enough, Enough

Why? British indie punk/rock at its finest moment courtesy of one of the most electrifying and exciting bands out there, Dead! With a name so direct they ensure their music follows that vibe, with in your face verses that are shared with quality craftsmanship and passion in the music they play that is amazing to see. With “Enough, enough, enough” they show fear, power and give us a rebel yell and invite us into the mayhem as the soundscape unfolds and invigorates us.

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5- The Ivins

Song: Tell me

Why? Inspired by the amazing indie scene from the UK, this American indie rock duo deliver a sound that showcases an amalgamation of sounds from the tracks that inspired them from across the pond and from the city they call home, one of the main cities of music in the US: Nashville, TN. This sound is honestly something to lookout for, this talented pair of musicians are sure to set their mark in the world of music.

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