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[su_quote cite=”about ‘KINGS'”]It has a bit of a “throwback” sound, kind of Bruno Mars-esque, with the disco-y, funky sounds & lyric.[/su_quote]

Why Wayfarers?
A Wayfarer by definition is a ”traveler”. When the band first started out, we were traveling from coast to coast to make things work – which was one of our biggest obstacles, but also what made us who we were. Traveling is also what we ultimately want to be doing with our music – bringing it to people across the world.

How did you guys meet? And when was it that you said: “Hey we should do music together”? 
We met through a mutual friend in LA. We were at a party, messing around with music and all our friends noticed we were a great musical fit. So we were like “hey lets start a band”. Kinda one of those ideas that doesn’t seem like it’ll actually happen when you say it, but it did.

 [su_quote]We clicked immediately when we met, and nobody doubts that we should be doing this thing.[/su_quote]

What keeps you motivated to keep moving forward?

Hearing & seeing people’s reactions when they listen to our music. It’s a constant reminder that we’ve got a really good thing going here, especially during the period we weren’t in the same state and sometimes it felt like things were moving a little slowly or we didn’t know what to do next. Then, Anthony picked up and moved to LA – problem solved. 


What inspired and created your latest single ” Kings”?

We wanted to make a song that fit well with the rest of our music, but was totally different at the same time. It has a bit of a “throwback” sound, kind of Bruno Mars-esque, with the disco-y, funky sounds & lyrics. With a side effect of making people dance uncontrollably. The song is about letting loose, not letting anyone or anything hold you back from being the king/queen that you are.


You’ve both been in bands, what allows you to be more creative: being in a duo or a band?

It’s very similar, except it’s just the two of us this time instead of a full band. It’s definitely easier to make creative decisions when there are less people involved, but we are very open to ideas from whoever we collaborate with.

Craziest tour story so far?

We’ll have to keep you posted on this one. 😉


What is the glue (reasons; ex. friendship, good chemistry, like family, etc) that holds you together? Why? 

Our friendship and support systems. We clicked immediately when we met, and nobody doubts that we should be doing this thing.


Current album that you are obsessed with?

Anthony: Jon Bellion – The Human Condition

Katie: Ed Sheeran – Divide


Most important venue in terms of support for your music? Why?

Social media. Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. It makes it way easier to connect with our fans and get our music out there. Everyone is on it.

What does 2017 hold for Wayfarers? 
Keep making new music and play as many shows as we can, bringing our music to as many ears that will listen.

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Some fun questions about NY & LA

Best place for food: New York or Los Angeles?
NY: Two Brothers Pizza

LA: Yu-N-Mi sushi, Sugarfish, Ramen Jinya

Best place for relaxing: New York and Los Angeles?

NY: There’s this hidden hiking trail in cold spring harbor that looks over the ocean, not many people know about it/go there so it’s a good place to clear your mind.
LA: Probably somewhere by the beach in Malibu. I don’t relax much.

Best drink you’ve had: New York or Los Angeles?
NY: The Standard Hotel, it was a gin & cucumber thing.

LA: Anywhere that serves a spicy margarita.

What do you love of each city?

NY: Bagels & Pizza and the city literally “never sleeps” 

LA: I love that there’s nothing too far away. Mountains? Cool. Beach? Done. Nightlife? You got it.

What does it feel like to be able to move in between two of the most important cities of music in the world?

It just feels natural, these places are our home. It’s all we know. But we are fortunate to have the connections we’ve made in both places.

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