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Top 5 New Indie Pop Week 10

1- Absofacto

Song: Light Outside

Why? Amazing and exciting new music from a talented artist who has been part of many awesome indie bands and is focusing on the magic that hides in his solo work. With “Light outside” he captures a certain “je ne sais quoi” that leaves me and most likely you speechless and in sheer awe of the magnificence that is this unique and enticing soundscape.

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Song: Venice

Why? Playful and inviting electropop that transports us to the unique beauty that lies in the famous Venice beach, a home of the different, the brave and the artistic minds of the many seeking a place to call home. This track serves as inspiration and motivation for those souls searching for a place to feel safe and to be secure enough to be yourselves. Enjoy!

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3- King Willow

Song: Galapagos

Why? Mature and mesmerizing indie pop that borrows inspiration and tunes from jazz, blues and even R&B which makes it a true gem of spectacular beauty. Sisters Amanda and Julianna Salguero invite us into a world seen and/or lived by most if not all, they embrace us and remind us that we are safe in their melodies and verses for they are us and understand our pain and our joy.

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4- Selahphonic

Song: Had our heaven

Why? Australian indie pop/rock band Selahphonic keep on improving and creating music that borrows that certain approachable nature of the 80’s synth filled pop but staying so modern and contemporary in its execution. “Had our heaven” speaks to you, me, her, him and everyone and takes us to a world within this soundscape that we connect with and it is just amazing.

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Song: Of your crimes

Why? With a voice that speaks poetry through honest verses and a beauty that is hypnotizing we fall to our knees and loose all control of our senses for now this talented songstress from Ukraine has it. Through being based in New York she has soaked in the mesmerizing feel of the city and put it into music with her eclectic and ethereal soundscape that is simple perfection.

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