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“This is the end” by Raya

this is the end-this is the end by raya-raya-indie music-indie pop-music blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitTalented, young and beautiful up and coming singer/songwriter Raya delivers a magnificent show of emotions and melodies that transcend the holds of the air waves and connect with something inside us. With a singing style that reminds us of the mastery of Birdy, she delivers an honest blend of sadness and hope in “This is the end”. Positioning herself as a an artist to watch in the Wolf in a Suit radar, she gives us music that connects with the human experience and the emotions that pertain to it. The verses of this track are so well written and executed that it surely will leave you speechless as its soundscape unfolds in front of your eyes and fills up your senses with the magic of music. Plus this young talent has showcased a true passion and value for her craft that you can fully experience in her latest EP perfectly titled ‘White Noise’. Now please simply sit down, relax, maybe take off your shoes and let the soothing and melodic union of sounds and verses of “This is the end” fill you up.

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