Indie Music Mixtape 4

Artist: Nick Nash

Song: If I get lost

Why? Truly honest and beautiful indie folk gem that creates a story that is able to captivate us fully from the very second the track starts. Plus the black and white camera work of the music video goes along so perfectly with the vibe and verses of the track ensuring a complete experience for all our senses. Nick showcases the power of his voice and his guitar as his haunting lyrics unfold in the soundscape created within “If I get lost”.

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Artist: Through Juniper Vale

Song: Fractions

Why? The journey to landscapes and planets unknown continues with the latest installment from Through Juniper Vale. Another amazing electropop masterpiece that goes along so perfectly with the trip we started a few months ago. With the union of sounds and illustrations we are able to feel completely connected with the story she is portraying as she gives all our senses a dose of ethereal beauty.

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Artist: Exit

Song: Familiar Ground

Why? Simple and straight to point music video that allows the music to speak for itself. It’s just the band, theirs instruments and their amazing sound capturing the full scope of our attention. Plus the guys are bringing back a sound I am a big fan of, that marvelous and rebellious punk rock that is always just right to give yourself a dose of energy and courage. 

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Artist: Zach Alwin

Song: Music Tonight

Why? Exactly what you needed to get your groove back, to get back out there, to showcase your dance moves (no matter if they are practically nonexistent). Zach Alwin gives us a nice touch of funk blended with pop melodies that are so perfect for this moment right now. Let the soundscape of “Music Tonight” engulf you completely as you are pushed forward into the night ready to conquer it.

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Artist: Long Tail

Song: Your Time

Why? Indie rock from Ireland that gives lyrics it’s rightful place within the music they create. That voice that is able to touch you softly and tenderly and the next second fill you with electricity without even changing, that’s pure magic or maybe it’s due thanks to the masterful changes in pace throughout the soundscape that are done in the right seconds ensuring a unison fluidity of sounds.

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Artist: From Kid

Song: New Gods

Why? Soothing, relaxing, inviting and strangely exactly what you’ll need no matter the date, the time or the mood. This talented Swiss duo has created an indie pop track that transcends the holds and limitations of the mundane and arrive at the ethereal, the fantasy, the surreal giving us that push needed to move forward and aim to be part of a change for the good of yourself, your neighbor and the world as a whole.

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Artist: ClayPark

Song: The way you function

Why? One of the best surprises of 2017 so far, this talented duo is bringing something new and exciting to the indie music scene. With “The way you function” they separate themselves for the rest with a mix of sounds that could be part of any genre and a voice that easily connects feelings with lyrics and thus capturing our attention and filling our hearts with the soundscape of their creation.

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Artist: Little Destroyer

Song: Rattlesnakes

Why? A unique and powerful blend of storytelling within the music video and lyrics guiding us through the story while also allowing us the pleasure of singing along to the latest gem by this talented Canadian trio. “Rattlesnakes” is a unique an special flavor of indie pop that feels and sounds exactly like what our body, brain and soul needed to regain hope in music.

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Artist: Laura Jean Anderson

Song: Won’t give up on you

Why? Laura Jean Anderson comes to us with one of the most powerful vocals I’ve heard and her capacity for storytelling and ensuring that the feelings and the spirit of her lyrics come through and click with something deep within us is astounding. Truly an artist whose name should be kept in as many playlists and personal music radars as possible for she has that special “It” factor about her.

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