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I wrote ‘Phase Me Out’ on a blind date writing session in London. It was a trip I had taken around a small UK tour, where I decided to completely overbook myself. I had the phrase ‘stand up straighter with my back against the wall’ written in my notes on my phone before the session. I remember feeling exhausted and isolated and confined. I wanted to make a shift into a sound I felt was less trendy and more timeless–a mix of organic and electronic, distorted and pristine, driving and melodic.


“Phase Me Out” by Verite

new music alert-phase me out-phase me out by verite-verite-indie pop-indie music-music blog-the 1975-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitIndie pop masterpiece that showcases honesty, truth and an ability to create verses and soundscapes that feel beyond humanly possible. With an already large following, Verite continues to excel and move forward with her creativity and her craft. “Phase me out” is so catchy and playful yet so deep and meaningful as it bounces around each and every note and verse. And that sentence that repeats itself throughout the track: “stand up straighter with my back against the wall” can only be describe as a spark of genius. From a sentence that might seem mundane and ordinary she creates a world around it and invites us into a soundscape that is so easy to relate, connect and be a part of. This young singer/songwriter continues to push the boundaries of pop and music itself as her name starts creating an unforgettable mark in the world.

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