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She calls on the phone like the old days, expecting the world

Don’t fall in love with the moment

And think you’re in love with the girl


The 1975

Love them, hate them, desire them or anything in between – there’s simply no denying the fact that The 1975 are massive and the music they are creating is breaking barriers and allowing music to showcase more of it’s uniqueness, poetry and seductive nature. With considerably one of the best leading singers in the world today, Matt Healy encompasses all that we should aspire to see in the front man of a band. With that mix of rebellion, mystery and pure artistry and knowledge of the craft he has chosen, he connects perfectly with the band and the audience making them all whole for that moment they are together. The band dwells in pop, alternative, electronic and even rock melodies creating a unique brand of sound that you can always pinpoint to them. With lyrics that come from the eyes and experiences of Matt, he finds in his verses to be able to connect with those whose listen in ways unlike others. They sing about being from the UK, love, atheism, sadness, hypocrisy, lies and so much more.

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Bite your face to spite your nose

17-and-a-half years old

Worrying about my brother finding out

What’s the fun in doing what you’re told?


Now ladies, gentlemen and those are still indecisive or like to dwell in both enjoy the show and let the intoxicating melodies of The 1975 run through your veins. Listen to the old, the new and all that they gave in this marvelous scenario as you are transported to a front row spot. Sing along, try to imitate Matt’s moves (to no luck most likely but you tried) or simply sit down and stare as the soundscape beautifully unfolds right in front of your eyes. Why write more? Simply listen to all the tracks, the sweat, the passion and wonderful music they gave on this show that we are lucky to be a part of even if it is through a video. Enjoy and have a truly marvelous next year!

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