Indie Pop Mixtape 11

Artist: Clubhouse

Song: Blame the weather

Why? With cohesive, unison and amazing pop sounds Clubhouse continues on their path to the bigger stages and bigger audiences. Just listen to “Blame the Weather” and you’ll know that you are listening to next band to break the barrier and make the love for bands creating mesmerizing pop sounds grow (Like The 1975, HAIM, Bastille and more). Wonderfully created synth pop sounds, tropical like tunes, light electronica and a voice that can hypnotize.

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Artist: Alex Norwood

Song: I’ll never be an Astronaut

Why? Amazing pop that breaks the mold as it mixes in hip hop flows and rhymes, synth pop tunes, a ballad like piano and a voice that can dance around this tunes and bring them together. Alex Norwood showcases a chameleonic nature in his music that is always refreshing to hear, specially when done right. Wonderful transitions from a ballad like beginning to a pure pop body that mixes in some hip hop within ensuring a unique experience.

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Artist: The Wintyr

Song: Followers

Why? From the streets of Cape Town but based in the musically magical London comes a female lead ensemble that are bringing their own blend of flavor to the music scene. With them the starts aligned and the combination of that beautiful voice, the powerful drums and the keyboards that adapt with such ease to the flow of the track makes “Followers” a must listen gem.

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Artist: A Hope for the Future

Song: Loaded Gun

Why? A hope for the future has the right name for the music they are bringing, we definitely hope for more music from them in the future. With “Loaded Gun” they bring beautiful harmonies, soft and melodic vocals, an always loved folk undertone in the tunes and a catchy hook that simply know how to captivate the listener. This Swedish five-piece  comes to us like a wonderful Christmas surprise that we will keep on our radars for 2017 and beyond.

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Artist: Krakow loves Adana

Song: False Alarm

Why? Intimate, sensible and mature pop melodies from Germany. This talented indie duo take a dive into the human psyche and come out with verses that haunt and connect with the listener in a plane other than the musical for it reaches deep into our hearts and souls. “False Alarm” has something about it that simply invites you into it’s mesmerizing soundscape and makes you feel at home within it’s sounds.

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Artist: Future Soul

Song: Abstract Emotion

Why? This is one of those tracks that simply has it all. From soft paced drum beats, jazz like undertones, mature lyrical work and haunting vocals that when you add them all together make for a memorable soundscape that stays with you. This amazing track blurs the lines of music genres but has something about it that lets you know it’s a pop track that embraces the purity of music as a whole.

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Artist: Brumby

Song: Leave a light on

Why? Inviting and relatable soundscape that showcases honest and sad emotions with a pop ballad like feel that flows softly with some country music undertones. With the union of mature lyrics and amazing vocals that can evoke feelings and emotions with an unnatural ease leaves the listener feeling satisfied with an amazing musical experience.

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Artist: Wild Front

Song: Tumble Party

Why? 4 young lads from the UK making playful, unique and rebellious indie pop sounds that mixes 80’s synth pop sounds with modern dynamic sounds all delivered nicely with the assistance of a voice that knows how how to connect with the music. Wild Front are a talented band from the South Coast and they are setting the right tunes on the ground to ensure a path to those stadium like gigs in their future.

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