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The video for Always is about the conflicting views the main character has on his current situation and the person he thinks he still loves,” says Tor. “Working with Fern was a great experience. We wanted to portray the conflicting emotions within the song, envisioning the tunnel as a sort of nightmare, which keeps looping – being haunted by apparitions of your significant other, questioning your future together. I think it’s my best video to date.


“Always” by Tor Miller

The always talented New Yorker that is exploding into the music scene, here comes Tor Miller and his latest music video/masterpiece “Always”. With the assistance of award-winning filmmaker Fern Berresford, Tor shows a mesmerizing tunnel full of lights, his lover multiplied and a piano at hand. Keeping it simple, with him as the focus of the story and the hauntingly beautiful dancers walking by his side trying to distract/stop him from moving on and discovering whether they who embody “the one” are the right one or …not. In the end we are left wondering his decision but feel as if this walk through colors and memories has giving him the answer he was searching for. This wonderful showcase of the union of music and camera work delivers a landscape that matches to perfection with the soundscape that is imagined when you hear this track. Bravo Tor! Bravo Fern! Bravo Glassnote Records!

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