Indie Pop Mixtape 10

Artist: Fond of Rudy

Song: Say Something

Why? Anyone can relate to this pop gem, simply because we have all known that person that just can’t be happy or that can’t let go of things – they just have to say something in order to have the last word. While those people might be headaches, we have known them and if we feel we haven’t then we are those people. This track is catchy, fun and simply inviting for it makes you want to dance to the rhythm and sing along to the chorus.

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Artist: Teddy King

Song: All the time

Why? There’s always a moment that is simply full of bliss and wonders and we ask ourselves, Why can’t it be like this all the time? With a party like soundscape Teddy asks us the same question and shows us the image of what could be everlasting. He let’s his voice blend in slowly and surely with the melodies and invites us to dance and enjoy the music as we travel through a night to remember.

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Artist: Robert Loud

Song: Intentional

Why? Solo project of the the lead guitarist and co-lead vocals of Fictionist, Robert Loud. This electro/Pop gem is simply just what you needed to hear, his enticing vocals with the female backup vocals and the electronic beats are what modern angels sound like. The track is playful, fun and so unique and representative of him. This wolf is so excited of what’s to come from Robert Loud.

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Artist: Skeleton Skies

Song: Work/Worth

Why? Before we start, those brave souls in the music video are the band members having a hot-dog eating contest- pretty unique I must say. Now to the music, it’s just a nice mix of pop with touches of folk and even some rock that blends together creating a melodious soundscape that is so refreshing to hear and gives you hope for what this band will bring to the table in 2017.

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Artist: Traverse Town

Song: Play Pretend

Why? With amazing pop vocals, that maturity I always search for in pop music and a passion for their craft that can be felt through your speakers – Traverse Town has arrived and they are set on putting Boston as your new music destination. Simply listen to how the soundscape unfolds as they take the lyrics and give them form for a music lover to connect with.

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Artist: The Outer Vibe

Song: Why don’t you listen?

Why? Whoever dared not listen …thank you for you inspired this amazing track. The Outer Vibe give us what could be considered one of the best indie pop tracks to finish the year with. With this latest single, the band keeps on cementing their name in the indie pop pantheon as their path takes them forward. With soulful vocals, melodious tunes and lyrics that connect they have created pure gold.

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Artist: Matt Hylom

Song: Give me everything

Why? Romantic and simply beautiful pop track that evokes a sense of fulfillment and peace as it invites the listener to ask for everything (the good and the bad) from that person we just connect with- but to be fair the listener must also give everything in order to not just fade into the dark of the night. Soft pop soundscape full of modern day romanticism and pulled together by Matt’s pop perfect vocals.

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Artist: Nelly’s Crush

Song: Undertow

Why? Modern haunting electronica with those right touches of pop to give it a ballad like soundscape that is so hypnotizing and simply pulls you to the dance floor to dance softly with your partner in hand and this melody in your heart. “Undertow” is simply beautiful and just right to set a mood for a night to remember as the rules disappear and the dance floor becomes the home for your heart and soul.

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