“Pray” by Low Country Kingdom

California you keep on hypnotizing me with the talent that calls you home, this time around it’s the quartet of 4 eccentrics that are Low Country Kingdom. Scott (rap, guitar), Adam (keytar/beats), Suz (vox), and Lang (vox) form this no rules group that simply creates inviting and imaginative music for the senses to fall in love with. Scott’s fast paced playful rhymes gives wave to Suz soulful vocals and Adam provides the refreshing beats that simply put a smile in your face as Scott gives us his softer side with his guitar. “Pray” is both honest, real and even feels like going to church while it immediately brings you down to solid ground, to the mundane and the haunting world we live in.

With the so popular one song a month experiment, this band will give us a new track each first day of each month indefinetely. This December they gave us the amazing “Pray”, next month who knows what gem they will create. We will simply subscribe to their YouTube channel and check each month and enjoy the music.

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