“Hold On” by Little Quirks

Two sisters and a cousin from Australia who decided on the quaint and appealing stage name of Little Quirks bring us a mature violin/guitar/piano/light drums combo that is just that right kind of storytelling folk that is missing nowadays. They might be young but their heart and souls are ancient and filled with stories that they share through their music. This talented trio are truly mesmerizing, so refreshing and truly something that the world of music should be thankful for. “Hold on” invites the listener to be open minded, open hearted and above all sensible to the pain of others. As this haunting soundscape unfolds, you hear the thunder in the distance, the pain behind the lyrics, the story that gives the lyrics shape and form and it all makes sense and you are touched.

It’s so refreshing to hear young musicians speak about topics so real, so somber and so human. This evocative track speaks of mental issues, of being held down by the hidden demon of depression, and of the battle to hold on to that thread of hope. Hold on to it and don’t let it go, if you anyone with this let them know they are not alone. Be that rock, be that thread and turn it into a rope that can pull them out of the darkness.

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