“Fight the fear” by Ivan Polanco

Blending sounds and styles into one track, Ivan Polanco creates a unique and refreshing track. Listen to how the acoustic guitar sets the mood, his voice sets the theme and the drums give it that flavor that makes this track simply so inviting and turns it into an experience everyone must have. Plus with the right touches of hip-hop he throws into the mix showing us his vocal capacity not only to hit notes but the create fluid rhymes he continues on the path of setting this track apart from the rest.

“Fight the Fear” has a latin vibe and charisma that gives music that special flavor and playful spirit that has a way of embracing the topics about love, heartbreak and all that’s in between so naturally. Ivan does a great job not only musically but in setting the grounds with mature and honest lyrics to ensure the listeners connect with this song. Simply amazing, listen and enjoy.

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