“Cold Water” by Casey Breves & Sophia Patsalides


‘Cause we all get lost sometimes, you know?

It’s how we learn and how we grow

And I wanna lay with you ’til I’m old

You shouldn’t be fighting on your own


Cyprus and USA become one in this unity of sounds and voices created by the amazing cover of Major Lazer’s hit (featuring the Justin Bieber and ), “Cold Water”, by the talents of Casey Breves and Sophia Patsalides. This track is stripped down and looses the electronic feel but keeps the human and real feel of the original. Actually personally with the piano and the voices alone I connect with the track better, for it’s a union of voices, harmonies that mesmerize and a piano that is able to soothe the mind as Casey and Sophia connect with our souls.

Eventhough each voice is set in different parts of the world, you really can’t notice it or feel the distance. Actually you feel them together, and you feel connected with them and with the story their soundscape is about. It truly is a cover that has managed to feel to unique, so theirs and simply so inspiring.

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