Indie Pop Mixtape 7

Artist: Tim Maxx ft. Adam Katz

Song: Only You

Why? An amazing union of talents that creates a thoughtful and fun track that is simply a must listen beauty that everyone should have in their playlists. Tim Maxx sets the stage and the mood and Adam Katz takes it away with his unique Pop/R&B vocals that go along to perfection with the beats, tunes and rhythm that Katz has created.

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Artist: Pace

Song: Foolish

Why? With vocals that remind us of the old school singer/songwriters who had a gift for connecting with the souls of the masses and of the world that surrounded them comes Pace and “Foolish”. It’s a beautiful track that simply connects with the listener for it speaks a topic we all know about: making bad choices, messing up and having regrets. 

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Artist: The Classic Kids

Song: Daydream

Why? Mix up the 80’s artistic pop/rock and today’s gift for experimentation and trying new things and you get “Daydream” by The Classic Kids from Brooklyn, New York. This track has something about it that it’s simply infectious and feels so accessible and fun and it simply relates with today’s youthful music listeners and their experiences. 

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Artist: Ricky Reed

Song: Express myself

Why? An amazing track by one of the most in demand talents that you probably haven’t heard off ( he has worked with Lizzo, Pussy Riot, D.R.A.M., Phantogram, Fitz & the Tantrums, Meghan Trainor, Twenty One Pilots and more). This song is so amazing in it’s soft and enticing melodies that simply invite to follow Ricky’s example and express yourself in all your beauty. 

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Artist: WOOT

Song: Forever 27

Why? An amazing track that gets inspiration from the famous 27 club of talented musicians that unfortunately did not see past the age of 27 (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Kobain, Amy Winehouse and more). It’s mesmerizing melancholic pop that as it tells the story of this great musicians it also invites the listener to learn from these stories and to not aim for this ending.

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Artist: Spirit of the Bear

Song: I can’t breathe

Why? From Youngstown, Ohio come James Harker, Danny Svenson, and Jamie Vitullo who together make up Spirit of the bear, an amazing youthful yet mature union of electronic and pop tunes and melodies. Listen to how this talented trio mix together all their experiences, talent and lyrical prowess into “I can’t breathe” and simply dive into their magical soundscape. 

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Artist: Bodebrixen

Song: Change it back

Why? Have you ever heard a Spanish guitar used so beautifuly and so right in a modern pop track? the answer is: you haven’t. Just listen to this modern day pop masterpiece that strangely takes you into a disco like limbo that is the soundscape of “Change it back”. From Copenhagen, Denmark comes the next big thing to invade the indie pop scene, Bodebrixen is here and ready to captivate you all.

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Artist: Glass Spells

Song: Danger Streets

Why? Synth pop tunes, punk vocals, disco and funk melodies that united make a unique soundscape that is sure to stay in your head throughout your days, your months and beyond. Glass Spells took a step into unknown territories and came out with something so refreshing and awe inspiring that is sure to become part of many playlists and to be recommend by many. 

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