Indie Pop Mixtape 6

Artist: Salt Cathedral Featuring Matisyahu

Song: Unraveling

Why? Just listen to Salt Cathedral’s Juli and Nico creating musical perfection with Matisyahu’s unique singing style and that special aura that he always bring to any track that has him be a part of. Juli’s softness goes along beautifully with Matisyahu’s rebellious voice and together they create a soundscape so riveting, so inviting and so unlike anything heard before (as this is Matisyahu’s first and only collaboration with a female singer).

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Artist: Wy

Song: Nobody Else

Why? Called Sad Pop Music by some, I prefer to call it honest and relatable pop music that showcases the ups and downs of life and of those who live it. Melancholic, honest, creative, enticing, mesmerizing and simply beautiful – those and more words describe the music created by this talented Swedish duo composed of real-life couple Ebba and Michel. 

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Artist: Maggie Rogers

Song: Dog Years

Why? Simply listen to Maggie’s voice as she travels through the melodies, the tunes, the soft jungle like sounds and together with all of this she creates a soundscape so inviting, so soothing and so everlasting. This track honestly will leave you with a sense of joy and a strange burst of energy that is so good to hear and feel on one of those gray days that you feel down and out of it. 

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Artist: SAMA

Song: What love is all about

Why? Italian indie electro/pop that is sure to capture your attention and invite you to the nearest dance floor. Just Listen and let the rhythm take over your body as this talented trio creates a soundscape specially for you and your senses. Amazing mix of beats, drums, guitars and unique and enticing vocals that make SAMA stand out from the crowd, from the rest and from what’s going on in the music scene.

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Artist: Joe Wilkinson

Song: Freedom or this

Why? Peaceful yet strangely rebellious indie pop by talented English singer/songwriter Joe Wilkinson. With “Freedom or this” he establishes himself within his own group of music that mixes classic pop with a rock-like voice that when together makes up for a truly appealing and engaging soundscape that invites the listener to think, to ask and finally to act and not be a bystander no more.

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Artist: KALI

Song: Devil in a woman’s eyes

Why? Beautiful and inviting mix of folk storytelling, electro beats and pop melodies by Fabian Suske and Luca Vito who together make up KALI. Just listen to how the instruments create a uniquely enchanting soundscape and to how Luca’s voice brings it all together into a true beauty of a track that is honestly a must listen wonder that should be part of all the playlists of all of you who enjoy good music.

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Artist: Tae Brooks

Song: There she is

Why? Smooth pop vocals united with mature songwriting that makes for a truly beautiful and original romantic track that evokes a certain beauty and connection with a reality that seems attainable and possible. “There she is” is truly mesmerizing and a must listen track that should be part of all the romantic moments that are bound to come in next year’s Valentine’s Day. 

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Artist: Lady & Jones

Song: Not Sorry

Why? Married duo Matthew and Amber Jones unite their unique melodic voices and create music that is both musically appealing but also filled with a story, a certain narrative that sounds familiar and relatable. “Not Sorry” exposes both a beautiful pop track and also human nature as it showcases the ego that two sides tend to have when in an argument, where neither is willing to accept the mistakes made and to move forward.

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I am the Man/Wolf hybrid who listens to amazing new music and aims to share it with all who visit as I believe we all deserve a nice little tune to be part of the soundtrack of our daily adventures. So listen and enjoy some amazing gems with me.

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