Indie Pop Mixtape 5

Artist: Lick Twist

Song: Let me down

Why? Beautiful and real indie pop track that has the right touch touches of deep thoughtful lyrics and tunes that match the story behind the song. “Let me down” is such an honest and unique song that creates the right atmosphere and a soundscape that is simply a wonder to hear and enjoy and what I love most is that it’s not your typical love song, it’s actually a story of being let down by the one you hoped could be the perfect person for your love story.

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Artist: Ellogram Featuring Lauren Ruth Ward

Song: Come Home

Why? Electro/Pop magic accompanied by a perfect double trouble of voices provided by the creative monster known as Ellogram and the magnetic Lauren Ruth Ward. “Come Home” is soft beats and melodies that strangely will fill you with a certain energy that only the joining of this musicians could create within you as the soundscape unravels in front of your eyes.

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Artist: Scott Quinn

Song: Delicate

Why? A must listen hit in the making created by the inspiring Scott Quinn, just listen to the melodies and the lyrics of “Delicate” and grasp your own frail nature and embrace it as you are someone worth a damn and live a life that turns into a story worth telling. Just be engulfed by the purity and beauty as his R&B/Pop inspired voice creates a soundscape that is so unlike anything you’ve heard before and realized that you are not a number but a unique individual in this ever changing world.

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Artist: Social Skills

Song: Hyperactive

Why? Wonderfully fun song that does it’s name justice in the best way possible, filled with caffeinated synth pop sounds and a voice that invites us to let go of the rules and simply jump around like mad men and women without a care in the world. Jump into the soundscape of “Hyperactive” and come out filled with energy that will push you forward in your days so that you show the best version of you everyday. 

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Artist: Saint Best

Song: Pacific Girls

Why? 80’s inspired synth pop goodness that we all need in our lives, simply listen and let go of your inhibitions as the beats and melodies take over your senses and you loose control of your body and you simply dance and dance the night away traveling through the notes and lyrics of “Pacific Girls”. Saint Best are a must follow band from Denmark that should be on the radars of any and all music taste makers and of course of you beautiful listeners.

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Artist: Corrina Jaye & PaSv

Song: What do you want?

Why? Feel the melodies and Corrina’s ethereal voice as the track unfolds second by second creating an experience that is sure to leave you in awe and begging for more. This talented Irish singer/songwriter mixes mature and honest lyrics with soft drum filled beats that create a pace for us to tap our toes as we dive deeper and deeper into the ocean of “What do you want?”.

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Artist: M the Myth

Song: Let’s Get Drunk Anyway

Why? Unique and breaking the boundaries of what we are used to see but doing it so masterfully and having so much fun while doing it – it truly invites the listener to a party to remember for the rest of our lives. Simply enjoy the track and let the tunes invite you to just “…get drunk anyway” and be trapped by the amusing and truly enjoyable soundscape created by the talented M the Myth.

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Artist: Manicanparty

Song: Should I stay or should I go? (The Clash Cover)

Why? A great cover of an already great track with a nice and unique turn of events that make this cover stand out and have a life of it’s own as the synth pop sounds invade your room while Jess’s voice sings those famous lyrics and you are left speechless to the beauty that is unraveling for your senses to simply enjoy. Manicanparty have created a monster out of another monster and it’s simply amazing and a must listen track.

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