[su_quote]AWAY tells the story of a relationship in which I had to let go of someone I loved deeply in order to take back control of my own life.” Says Berger, “telling this story was painful but some pain demands to be felt, and the more we try to ignore it the more it plants itself in our way.[/su_quote]

“Away” by Culver

As this young singer/songwriter falls into the soundscape of his creation he levitates as if by magic through the assistance of his voice while he fills this world with feelings, humanity and he lands safely to create the story that makes up the truth behind “Away”.

[su_quote]Why does your voice keep stripping me of my choice? [/su_quote]

It is known that California is one of those havens where creativity simply explodes into the atmosphere, Culver is the latest proof of it. With a refreshing touch of honesty and a nice mix of synth sounds with pop tunes he is able to invite us into his world. And as he sings the lyrics he wrote based on an experience he had, he captivates the listener with the reality that is familiar to many if not all us. He turns a sour subject into a reason to remember our own value and strength and pushes us to take that step forward into the unknown.

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