[su_quote]I wanted to show people that there’s another way of thinking about these issues, that we have to remember to stand together and not let our prejudices own us.[/su_quote]

“Revival” by Carter

Shot at the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park in California this amazing music video is musically and visually a marvel filled with on point camera work, enchanting choreography, soft electronic pop filled beats accompanied by soft and lustrous vocals. And not only that, but the lyrics are so humane, so real, so honest and simply beautiful to hear. It invites for the mending of whats broken in society as it reminds us that we are all in this crazy world together. Whether we like it or not we are all brothers and sister, lovers and friends, we all part of this and it takes all to move forward.

As Carter opens his heart and lets his positive filled lyrics connect with the listener, his enchanting soundscape plants a certain special seed. You must water that seed and let see the light outside your doors. Instead of giving an insult, give a smile and remember that hate can only bring more hate. As the current landscape in our country and maybe even the world seems bleak, ask yourself what will you do? How will you make a difference? Carter took his music to aim at difference, you take what you do best and walk forward for a positive change in scenery.

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